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Jan 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
's not rocket science. oversight investigation is not rocket science. i used to teach at american university and i used to teach a lot of courses to cops and prosecutors. this isn't rocket science, and i don't know of age if age should be rocket science. i am very impressed with some people i talk to at a.i.d. has said we really need to design programs knowing where we are working. if we know we are working in the most corrupt country in the world we designed a program that protects the funding. i was very impressed with that. now i haven't seen a program without built-in but people tell me they are thinking about it. somebody told me that her regions do that. yes, circ? >> previously i ran a team for operations under dod to afghanistan. one of the things that i came away with is that afghanistan, afghans are good at running their own businesses. but what we do is we create an incentive whereby running business is about short-term profit. so what we have didn't, is partner with afghan, several afghans over there and we are trying to build electricity infrastructure were afghans actually have
Jan 7, 2013 8:30pm EST
including it was an award from the american science association for the best book of political science. also a key facilitator of a summer security studies workshop that probably somewhere around 75 percent of all the security studies professors in the nation have attended. also a great deal of experience in the policy field, a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations where he served as director of national security studies, former staff member of the church committee and worked in the national security council and serve six years and a national security advisory panel for the cia director. most recently he was part of a task force of experts behind report entitled a new u.s. defense strategy for a new era. finally, and joined by paul wolfowitz, a scholar at the american enterprise institute with more than three decades of experience in public service and higher education and an incredibly wide variety of roles as president of the world bank, dean of the johns hopkins school of international studies, the state department director of policy planning in this is the secretary of state
Jan 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
-ed, and christian science monitor in 2008, proposed doing this with federal funds, federal agency, there is an article in new republic in march of 2010 suggesting that treasury could use t.a.r.p. funds and act exactly as the home owner's loan corporation has done, as not -- do this not for a profit but specifically to help home owners. american securitization forum wasn't for that, either. >> real quick point. just to clarify my position. i'm not opposed to the -- in concept the use of eminent domain for borrow are who are upside-down who are current. i'm simply saying that the priority would be in my view, for those who are already experiencing financial distress. when you get to the point of the current, i think there are other tests that could be put in place and that's why i think the bill needs to be more detail on the table before there's a vote of yes or. no for example, if you're paying 70% of your income, do you want to force that home owner to actually go into default before they actually get help and wreck their credit score and in the process of doing that, can't buy c
Jan 9, 2013 8:00pm EST
in where we don't trust med sip and science to help us figure out what the answer should be. >> that's to go to a point you made earlier, a process to take years, if not decades to understand ramifications; right? we're at the very beginning of a very long road here. >> can i just -- >> yeah. >> the -- i propose something both of you said. i'm not against experimentation. i'm actually in favor of it; right? my point was simply on an earlier occasion. it's difficult to stabilize it so to take the gay marriage example, i totally agree with you so far that the process worked well ervetion right? but it is also the case that we may not get enough time to run actual experiments because, you know, half the gay rights community understandably runs around with the due process clause in the hip pocket and doesn't go fast enough, then they jump the gun on this; right? you have -- the problem is not totally similar in the marijuana situation, but i agree with you. i mean, i think you need some comparatives, some states that don't go down the road; right? you don't want to process that is willie
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4